What is the proper riding attire?

Springbrook would like their riders to be safe, have fun and learn in every lesson. In order to accomplish this, riders should come to their lessons in proper riding attire. Proper riding attire promotes safety and allows the instructor to effectively critique the rider's position. Attire should be comfortable, protective, appropriate to the season and well fitted, especially helmets. Visiting family and friends should also wear protective footwear and appropriate clothing when visiting the facility.

Guidelines for riders:

  • Long, fitted pants (must be of a sturdy fabric. No wind-pants or nylon pants)
  • A smooth, hard soled shoe with a small heel. No sandals, sneakers or hiking boots. English riding boots are required after the first series of lessons.
  • A well fitted approved riding helmet (fit must be approved by your instructor)
  • Hair must be pulled back with an elastic band or contained in the helmet with a hair net.
  • Shirts properly fitted and tucked in.
  • A belt.
  • No spaghetti straps, midriffs, halter tops or open backs
  • No oversized clothing or excessive fabric.
  • No dangling earrings or large jewelry of any kind.

The following items of attire are suggestions that may be worn for lessons but not requirements:

  • Gloves.
  • Breeches with field boots or half chaps.
  • Children 11 and under in jodhpurs and paddock boots.
  • Full chaps or half chaps over breeches or over long pants.
  • Sports bras.

Proper attire can be purchased at the following tack shops:

  • Arizona Saddlery, Birmingham - 248-646-6615